Refresh CX

Digital Transformation

The future is written in lines of code. This is the new reality but a combination of factors retard and often stop businesses from embarking on this journey.

According to industry estimates, 80% of all digital projects fail to meet their primary objectives. What’s scary is not that number, but the fact that most organisations and teams pretend that either the failure never happened to them and will never happen to them.

We can help you transform by breaking down a big change into small meaningful experiments, and work out success and failure of these experiments to drive not just organisational learning, but cultural change. We’ve helped a number of clients embrace concepts like MVPs and guided them through to launch. We helped a client grow productivity by over 30% with 30% less staff by introducing concepts like Lean. We helped a team that had never met a deadline, transform to a point where they never missed one!

We’d love to help you achieve the same success